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An affiliate of Long Island Brain & Spine, board-certified neurosurgeon and back surgeon in Long Island, Dr. George Kakoulides diagnoses and treats the root cause of neck and back pain using state-of-the-art minimally invasive spine surgeries. He takes a personalized and intimate approach to spine care, accompanying his patients through every step of the spine surgery and recovery process.

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George Kakoulides, MD

Dr. George Kakoulides is one of the country’s leading board-certified neurosurgeons, with numerous offices across Long Island. He believes patients no longer have to travel to New York City, away from their families and support systems. Dr. Kakoulides provides world-class spine care here on Long Island, closer to home. If you have symptoms of severe nerve compression or spinal disorders, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Kakoulides today.

“I have had two prior surgeries performed by different spine specialists. After learning the hard way exactly what to look for in a surgeon and more importantly the correct questions to ask I found Dr. George Kakoulies. My other neurosurgeons did not like answering questions and became noticeably impatient. Dr. Kakoulies patiently spent the time to review all aspects of what was necessary to resolve my issues. The surgery went well, the staff were excellent and best of all most of my chronic pain issues greatly improved. Thank you Dr. Kakoulies!”

-Clifford G.

“Dr. K definitely knows his stuff”

-Micael G.

“He actually spent the time going over my MRI and explained what is wrong with my lower back and gave me every option non-surgical and surgical…”

-Damon B.

“When I first met Dr. Kakoulides in 2016, I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and felt very comfortable. Dr. Kakoulides tells it like it is…”

-Tracy W.

“Phenomenal service. Staff is A+++. Dr. Kakoulides is by far one of the best doctors I have ever seen. Had three-level cervical discectomy…”

-Rosemarie C.

“Dr. Kakoulides made me feel at ease. He took his time to explain everything and answered all my questions. His professionalism was an A+…”

-Dawn G.

“I felt very comfortable with Dr. Kakoulides. He took the time to explain everything and answered any questions that I had…”

-Patrick W.

“Staff was very helpful and professional. Dr. Kakoulides was very helpful in explaining my condition and the treatment…”

-Barbara T.

“Dr. Kakouilides is a great doctor who takes his time to explain everything and is patient to answer any questions you may have…”

-Monica M.

“Friendly staff, very clean & efficient, and my doctor is kind & caring and takes the time to listen & ask and to recommend what is best for me….”

-Ellen M.

George Kakoulides, MD
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Shellie TehraniShellie Tehrani
14:06 13 Mar 24
Dr. K isamazing!!! He is very supportive, kind, caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. He takes his time and addresses all his patients needs, making them his priority. His staff is amazing. They are very kind and supportive especially, his surgical coordinator Michelle,whos a sweetheart. I can't describe enough how amazing his practice is!
Jeffrey RevelloJeffrey Revello
18:55 23 Jan 24
Stacy PStacy P
18:39 23 Jan 24
Surgery was successful
Luke HeatonLuke Heaton
16:55 07 Jan 24
I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Kakoulides and his awesome staff. I had spinal fusion surgery in January 2023 and the results could not be better. I have been able to return to running and rollerblading when prior to the surgery I was barely able to walk without pain.I really appreciated that Dr. Kakoulides wouldn’t perform the surgery unless all other treatmentoptions were exhausted.Every staff member I encountered was professional, courteous and friendly. I wish I could remember more names for recognition. I do recall working with Michelle several times and she was very helpful and friendly, an absolute gem!I wish I could give more than 5 stars to Dr. Kakoulides and his team, they have been outstanding.
Sara LombardoSara Lombardo
12:44 17 Nov 23
Amazing Dr amazing staff I highly recommend Dr kakoulides ...Thank you..
Mary WesselMary Wessel
22:19 24 Aug 23
Melvin GrahamMelvin Graham
17:22 15 Aug 23
Dr. is courteous and he took time out to explain in details what is involved in the operation.
Denise LeeDenise Lee
11:51 16 Jul 23
From the minute I was a new patient was treated with care and respect.shout out to Michelle who fought to get me an MRI they Dr Kakoulides for explain my problem hand what the next step is. Very Happy
Yasmín DonisYasmín Donis
20:00 29 Jun 23
robert klugewiczrobert klugewicz
14:13 22 Jun 23
Excellent office. Great doctor to talk to.
James ColluraJames Collura
21:54 02 May 23
Mike MMike M
23:23 23 Jan 23
The office staff members are superior and the practice is operated very efficiently. They appear to be highly trained professionals fully engaged in their work. They are equalled only by the concern expressed by Dr Kakoulides. His interest and desire to fully understand my issue was extraordinary as was his recommendation going forward.
Suzanne GarciaSuzanne Garcia
23:20 09 Jan 23
The office staff was VERY friendly. There wasn’t really a wait to be seen. Dr. Kakoulides was very thorough and explained the diagnosis, treatment, details of surgery and recovery and what to expect at each step. He genuinely cared about my sons well-being and for him to lead a life of less pain and more mobility.
Shannon NecciShannon Necci
23:03 27 Dec 22
Not only is this doctor amazing but his staff is wonderful as well. He will accommodate you anyway he possibly can. It’s a change from the doctors we are all used to. Bedside manner to a whole new level! His secretary Michelle is literally my new bff. She went above and beyond for my husband when he literally couldn’t stand up without being in excruciating pain. Even today, she wasn’t working and still ensured we were good. I’m talking someone who checks in and helps while she’s away. We are so happy to have found this office - this doctor and rest of the staff.
Dawnmarie MeanyDawnmarie Meany
23:54 09 Dec 22
Dr. Kakoulides is the best! He helped me back in 2015. I’ve referred so many friends and family to him over the years. He is so conservative and truly listened to everything I had to say about what I expected and wanted out of my care and surgery. I would never go anywhere else! Dr Kakoulides is the best!! Thanks Dr for taking good care of me. Spin class was awesome last night!
Christopher PropperChristopher Propper
23:35 06 Dec 22
I can’t thank Dr. Kakoulides enough, he has worked with me and all of my unique set of issues for 3 surgeries and he has always made sure that I have been comfortable and more importantly safe both before and and after the procedures. He’s always been available to quickly answer any questions that I’ve had and never made me feel silly for asking. If you’re in need of a neurosurgeon I couldn’t imagine a better doctor. Thank you Dr. Kakoulides!
Lorraine PicarielloLorraine Picariello
20:15 23 Nov 22
Even from my first interaction with the office, the staff was friendly, helpful and courteous. I only waited s few minutes in the waiting room and just a few minutes more for the doctor. Dr Kakoulides was kind, patient, and thorough. I highly recommend !
Maureen MoranMaureen Moran
21:10 16 Oct 22
This practice runs like a well oiled machine which I believe is always an indication of professionalism and knowledge. Dr KAKOULIDES recommended epidural shots and surgery only as a last resort. I feel very confident in him and in Dr Rema who is the pain management doctor. I would recommend this practice to anyone suffering with pain.
Kate RiolaKate Riola
00:10 07 Oct 22
Last April, I started having issues with my cervical spine. I started to research Neurosurgeons in my surrounding area. Well, I found Dr. Kakoulides. Any questions I had, he answered very thoroughly. He performed surgery on my cervical spine. Everything he told me that would occur from the actual surgical procedure to recovery, was 100% accurate. I am a Mom of two young children and very active. He gave me my quality of life back. Dr. Kakoulides generally cares about his patient’s well- being and he will go above and beyond for his patients. I would highly recommend him to any family or friend. Since my surgery, I have!
Deborah DanleyDeborah Danley
20:53 13 Aug 22
I’ve been bounced from doctor to doctor, suffering from a rare issue with my cervical spine. I’ve seen multiple Neurologists, Orthopedists, Chiropractor, my PCP, done physical therapy, more than one Nuero Surgeon, etc. etc. Dr. Kakoulides’ office staff was so welcoming and caring from the moment I called. He immediately made me feel at ease and I knew I was finally in the right place. After more than a year of a debilitating issue, Dr Kakoulides has a surgical plan and by this time next month I’ll be on my road to recovery. I’m so grateful to have found this office and Dr. Kakoulides.
fran rossfran ross
18:53 14 Jul 22
Dr. Kakoulides is not only a skilled surgeon, but a great person. He had concerns after my surgery and sent me for an mri, as I pulled out of the parking lot he called to give me results ( and put my mind at ease). The best! FR
back surgeon in long island

Herniated Disc Surgery

Dr. Kakoulides performs a minimally invasive herniated disc surgery to restore optimal spinal health and stability. After making a few small incisions on the cervical or lumbar region, the surgeon removes the damaged parts of the spinal disc or the entire disc, depending on your condition. Once the spinal disc is removed, the surgeon may fuse the adjacent vertebrae or replace the spinal disc. Dr. Kakoulides is a spine surgeon in Long Island that uses the safest and most effective techniques to remove and replace the damaged discs, restoring full mobility and range of motion.

Minimally Invasive
Spine Surgery

Dr. George Kakoulides provides minimally invasive spine surgery instead of traditional (open) spine surgery. Traditional spine surgery is performed via one large incision on the targeted area, whereas minimally invasive spine surgeries are performed via extremely small incisions. Minimally invasive spine surgery is safer and more effective, involves minimal bleeding, and reduces the risk of post-treatment complications. Dr. Kakoulides recommends minimally invasive spine surgery as a last resort if all non-invasive solutions fail.

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Meet Dr. George Kakoulides, MD

Dr. Kakoulides is a board-certified neurosurgeon and back surgeon in Long Island with advanced training in world-class minimally invasive spine surgery of the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine. Born and raised in Long Island, he has dedicated his career to bringing the latest and safest surgical innovations to his patients. As a co-founder of IKONA, a company that utilizes state-of-the-art technological innovations to transform the patient’s experience, he has successfully treated thousands of patients with spinal and cranial disorders.

Dr. Kakoulides discusses brain mapping on CHS Presents

"Dr. Kakoulides performed a lower back surgery on me, and I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon. After my back finally gave out, I placed a call to him, and he returned my call within an hour. Once it was determined that I needed a surgery, he explained it all to me, but when my wife came to the hospital and had more questions for Dr. Kakoulides, he came back and answered all her questions. I am now seven months out of surgery and I feel great. Thank you!"