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Restore Spinal Stability

ACDF spine surgery on Long Island is a last resort solution to cervical (neck) disc herniation. The spine surgeon carefully removes all the bulging, herniated parts of the damaged spinal disc or the complete spinal disc from the neck, thus alleviating pressure from the surrounding nerve roots. After removing the damaged spinal disc, the surgeon places bone graft material between the vertebrae to facilitate spinal stability.

Anterior cervical discectomy fusion is a complex surgical procedure, and it should only be attempted after all other conservative solutions have been tried. Dr. Kakoulides diagnoses the root cause of your cervical disc herniation and identifies the affected spinal discs to curate the ideal treatment plan. The conservative treatment may start with medications, physical therapy, and injections, and a discectomy fusion is attempted if all other solutions fail.

Surgical Treatment for Cervical Disc Herniation

The spinal column comprises 33 vertebrae stacked atop each other, separated by soft, cushion-like discs, known as intervertebral discs. Each spinal disc consists of a soft inner core, known as a nucleus, and a hard outer shell. The primary role of a spinal disc is to absorb shock and facilitate smooth spinal movements, such as walking, twisting, stretching, and more. However, over time, injuries, trauma, underlying medical conditions, and age-related degeneration lead to small tears and cracks on the outer shell, through which the nucleus bulges outwards.

Cervical disc herniation is a condition wherein the soft, jelly-like nucleus bulges through the cracks of the spinal disc and pushes against the surrounding nerve roots. The spinal column’s primary goal is to protect the spinal cord, which branches out into different parts of the body in the form of smaller nerve roots, each nerve root carrying signals back and forth between your body and brain. When the bulging components of the cervical disc press against the surrounding nerve roots, you experience shooting pain.

ACDF spine surgery on Long Island treats the root cause of cervical pain by removing the damaged parts of the cervical spinal disc. If the cervical disc is extremely damaged, the surgeon may also remove the entire disc. Once the disc is removed, the surgeon uses bone grafting material to replace the disc and facilitate the fusion of the adjacent vertebrae. Over time, the two adjacent vertebrae fuse into one vertebra, restoring optimal stability to the spine. In some cases, the surgeon may also use implants or titanium plates for stability.

man after ACDF spine surgery in Long Island

Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion: Benefits

  • Alleviate neck pain, arm pain, and other symptoms of cervical disc herniation
  • Free the surrounding nerve roots from the bulging discs
  • Alleviate the symptoms of cervical nerve radiculopathy
  • Restore complete spinal stability
  • Performed as a minimally invasive procedure
  • Involves minimal downtime and recovery period
  • Address the root cause of cervical pain; not just the external symptoms

Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion: Your Journey

Dr. Kakoulides determines if you’re a suitable candidate for anterior cervical discectomy fusion after a thorough examination and assessment. He uses the latest, cutting-edge diagnostic tools, such as MRIs, CT scans, and X-rays to visualize the damaged components of the cervical spine, following which he curates a personalized treatment plan. He starts with conservative solutions, such as rest, physical therapy, and injections, and only recommends minimally invasive spine surgery if all other solutions fail. Cervical discectomy fusion is the last resort.

Dr. Kakoulides performs your ACDF spine surgery on Long Island using minimally invasive techniques. He makes a small incision on the front (anterior) of the neck (cervical), through which he accesses the herniated disc. The surgeon may remove the windpipe, muscles, and arteries to access the damaged spinal disc. After removing all or parts of the damaged disc, he places bone graft materials to facilitate natural vertebral healing, following which a titanium plate is attached to the vertebrae for spinal stability.

Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion: Your Recovery

You can return home either the same day or the day after your minimally invasive spine surgery. The entire healing process should take approximately 6 weeks, but you’ll notice the results immediately. Please avoid twisting or bending your neck for a few weeks to facilitate optimal healing. You may also have trouble swallowing for a few days, but that’s completely natural. Dr. Kakoulides will accompany you through every stage of your journey until you have recovered completely. You will also receive his personal phone number.