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With the welcome arrival of warm and sunny months, many of us are eager to engage in outdoor activities and make the most of the pleasant weather. However, it’s important to prioritize our back health while enjoying these activities. In this post, we will provide you with four valuable tips for your spine care during this season, ensuring that you can fully embrace the summer without compromising your well-being.

Prevent Back Pain in the Garden:

Gardening and lawn work can be enjoyable and productive, but they also involve physical exertion that may strain your back and neck. To avoid discomfort and potential injuries, consider these precautions:

a) Divide tasks: Instead of tackling extensive gardening projects in one session, break them down into smaller, manageable steps. This approach prevents overexertion and minimizes the risk of muscle strain.

b) Take regular breaks: Bending and stooping for prolonged periods can lead to muscle pain. Remember to take frequent breaks, allowing your body to rest and recover. This practice helps avoid sudden bursts of activity that your muscles are unaccustomed to.

c) Consider back support: Dr Kakoulides suggests you consult with your doctor, chiropractor or spine specialist about the potential benefits of wearing a back support brace during physical work or gardening. While back braces can be helpful in certain cases, it’s important to strike a balance and not rely on them excessively. Building core strength is key to long-term back pain management.

Safety First:

As we enjoy summertime festivities, it’s crucial to prioritize safety to prevent spinal cord injuries, particularly those caused by motor vehicle accidents. Consider these safety measures:

  • With July being the month when the highest number of spinal cord injuries occur from car and motorcycle accidents, it’s essential to be more mindful when taking long trips or driving in heavily congested roadways.

Play in the Pool:

Swimming offers an excellent opportunity to stay active, cool off, and take care of your back during the summer months. Conditions such as osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease and people who suffer with herniated or “slipped discs” often find swimming very therapeutic and a good source of pain relief. Consider these pool-related activities:

a) Swimming for low-impact exercise: Swimming is a fantastic workout that engages your back extension, core muscles, and provides cardiovascular conditioning. The water’s buoyancy reduces strain on your joints, making it ideal for individuals with lower back pain.

b) Walking laps and water aerobics: If you’re not a confident swimmer, walking laps in the pool is an excellent alternative. The water’s resistance increases calorie burning and intensifies the workout for your core muscles. Additionally, consider joining water aerobics classes, which offer calorie burning, muscle toning, and improved balance—all while enjoying the refreshing pool environment.


With these four tips for back care in warm, sunny months, you can make the most of summer activities while safeguarding your back health. By implementing these practices, you’ll be more likely to enjoy gardening, outdoor festivities, and pool workouts with reduced risk of injuries and back pain.Should you experience an onset of back or neck pain from any of the rigorous activities that often take place during the summer or from an unforeseen injury or accident, our office is available to see you quickly, often within 24 hours.

Stay safe, cool down, and prioritize your well-being and spine health this season.


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